National Accounts

National Accounts

NCA is the ideal choice for businesses in need of regional or national janitorial services. We provide janitorial services for a number of businesses that have locations across the country. Some of the benefits that come with choosing NCA are:

Onsite Supervision

Our managers and owners use a numerical grading system to evaluate the quality of their employees’ work and to recognize trends. They are trained to be more critical during their inspections than most owners and managers. By quickly identifying and anticipating potential problems, our teams are able to provide a consistent, cleaner look to your buildings.

Performance Evaluation

NCA will monitor and evaluate the performance of the staff by asking managers to fill out the performance surveys on a monthly basis. Operations Manager will follow up with the on-site supervisors on a bi-weekly basis to review the customer service logbook and to facilitate any changes that need to be made.

Commitment to Training and Supervision

Our training programs include traditional office cleaning techniques, OSHA guidelines, safety policies and procedures, training on the latest eco-friendly equipment and supplies, and efficient business management. We have access to the most advanced training on the use of all the necessary equipment, chemicals, and supplies, as well as efficient techniques that can help you save time and money.

Environmentally Sensitive

We understand the importance our maintenance activities have on the indoor environment and we have an established practice that maximizes the elimination of dirt, particles, and bio-pollutants from the properties we are responsible for; our organized and systematic approach to cleaning and maintaining these properties creates a safe, pleasant, and productive indoor environment for the building’s occupant.